Hlight Smart Lightbulb Demo

HiLight Led Bluetooth Smart Lightbulb From Megadream Review

This was a great addition to my daughters' room!  It is so much fun to work and play with. It creates custom mood lighting and has built in music style light shows. The app you download to use the remote feature is so easy to use. You can use just one light or control multiple bulbs with just the touch of finger with the app. It also has a clock timer to turn the lights out whenever you wish. The built in speaker works awesome too! After I played with it a minute I figured out to run the music and the lights. You can create a light show for a song in your playlist also. I use Apple iOS, and everything ran better than I had hoped. The bulb itself is made of a plastic bulb. It is heavy duty. The color wheel is very broad. I think this is the coolest thing since Kool-Aid! I received this product for free to test and review. My opinions and thoughts are all my own. 

Amopè Pedi Purfect Wet/Dry Foot File Review

What a relief it is too reach down and feel silky smooth feet, and know that you achieved those results at home! I am one of those people who never has the time or money to go to the salon and get pampered. I call it the middle class curse. You make just enough money to pay your bills and get by, yet not enough to indulge in the fruits of your labor. So, this being my life I'm pleased to be able to treat myself with quality results at home. The device itself is a delight. It can have a full charge in three hours, and doesn't use much battery life with a single use. I love the way the handle is curved to fit in your hands to get a good grip. The handle is smooth and is made to give you grip and control with handling. The diamond coarse rotary smoother is made of good quality and seems to last for many uses. It is replaceable so you can repurchase the one piece when needed. But with the few times I've used it, I get the impression that I won't need to replace it very often at all. It can be used wet or dry so it fits in with your needs and your schedule. So if you need to smooth some spots before you go out in strappy shoes, you can in a jiffy without soaking prior. The two speeds you get are for a purpose, slow for dry feet and fast for wet feet. Clean up was so simple, you just run the rotary file under the faucet and that's it. Done. The charging dock is made with innovation. It rests on the dock and two metal dots touch each other to get a charge. That reduces the risk of future damage that comes from pulling and tugging off a dock. As for my expiriancedexperiancesd with it, I loved how easy it was for salon quality results. All you do is run it up and down your feet. It comes with a safety feature that stops the rotary file from moving if you push down too hard. Th buttons ar easy to press so most of anyone can use it. It shredded all the dead skin away and left my feet silky smooth. I completed both feet in under 8 minutes. I am absolutely amazed with this product! Before I used a Pedi-Egg and never got the job done without having to stop because my arm would hurt from moving back and forth for long periods of time. It felt like a chore that I dreaded. Now with the Amope Wet/Dry Pedi Perfect, I can get the best feet of my adult life with ease. I'm a customer for life! This post was sponsored by Amopé™ as part of a sampling activation for Crowdtap. I received complimentary products to facilitate my review.

Music Hat Review By Mega Dream

This is the coolest idea! My son plays basketball and baseball, so he is practicing all the time with buds in his ears. When I seen this I was like amazing! The hat itself is very stylish. The material was warm and thick. It did however have enough gap in the weave to breath and keep you from getting sweaty. The fit was nice, and I really like the fact you can remove the hard wear to wash it if needed. The charging port is sort of difficult to get to though, but it is not sew in so you can you can remove it. That being said the ear speakers can move around for individual ear comfort. The charge time was quick. The cord it came with was a basic cheap bus cord that comes with everything these days. You can use a different if you want. The buttons are easy to use. The Bluetooth hooks up with ease and is quickly found. The sound is very loud and it doesn't project to far out of the hat either. The only problem we had with it is we could figure out how to answer a incoming call from the hat directly. We could hear and talk during a phone call, but we had to answer the call from the phone. The blue lights look really cool coming from th hat too. All in all, my teens thought this was awesome and they fought over it. Lol! It would make a great gift, and is great for personal use with any outdoor activity. 

MegaDream Music Hat

Awesome blue lights

Stylish for any age

The coolest hat for any music loving youth. (Or adult)

Music Hat looks great on him!